Banging on about the weather

I doubt that anyone is really going to feel any sympathy for me at this point, given that I live in Dubai, but the weather the last week or so has been cr*ppy – wind, rain, cold. We’ve even recently had some quite spectacular electrical storms lasting hours with massive thunderclouds that were miles and miles long. Our apartment, whilst right next to the Burj Dubai (the tallest building in the world) is facing the wrong way so we can’t actually see it. Bods in the tower opposite can though, and I was woken from a dead sleep the other night by sounds of rolling tympany drum thunder and excited whooping, carried over the sound of howling wind. Opening our bedroom curtains a crack (just like the latent curtain-twitcher I really am!) I could see drunk people on a balcony in the tower opposite smoking fags and yelling and pointing in the direction of the Burj. It must have been hit by lightning!

Sadly, I myself, being clad only in my birthday suit, marooned 34 floors high and facing the wrong way, could only imagine how spectacular the sight. Luckily, someone else saw it while driving down the Sheikh Zayed Road and felt that, safety be damned, they would video this amazing phenomenon on their mobile phone – and gawd bless t’internet YOU can now view the sight that I was so viciously denied that night by the architects of Southridge 6.

According to that wag Oscar Wilde, Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative. I’m really scraping the bottom of the tower this week then, eh folks?

Flickster. xx


One Response

  1. Top missive as always. You should really try and get paid for this stuff. Erm, except by dodgy property websites that then fold. But apart from that….
    It’s great stuff – there must be a newspaper/website that would syndicate these emirate emissions. lol nigel

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