Snapshot on today: 15 Jan 09

I suddenly realised this morning that I’ve been a bit slack on my blog of late, after the Wii fit shocker of late last year. I have been busy with work and what-not as well as sticking rigidly to a daily yoga regime (well done me!) and it seems to be paying off, though unfortunately what no one tells you is that by using Wii Fit every day, you get the added bonus of having all the attendant music for all your fave activities stuck in your head, on a loop, every waking hour.

This week, I am mostly hearing: Wii Fit yoga “hold that pose” music in my head. Over and over and over and over…

Today, I am mostly feeling: relieved that it’s Thursday – it’s been a very hard week and I’m really feeling the pressure 😥

I don’t really feel like blogging this week, so that’s all! Laters.

Flickster. x


One Response

  1. I’m super-impressed with all your Wii efforts. Methinks it’s time we invested in one.

    Hope you’re well, lovely. xx

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